AUTOMATE visual tasks with AI

We transform images and videos into high-value information

What we offer

M-CADOR provides global services, from the acquisition of images and videos to the restitution of informations in an augmented way.

We have been developing our own image analysis engine with different technologies (machine and deep learning) that enable a quick setup.

Because your business is unique, we can develop for you a custom made solution.

  • We acquire the images - With our hardware or from your sources
  • We process the images - In real-time or in the cloud
  • We deliver the information you need - With augmented intelligence

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Our algorithms helps you save time, large amount of data is useless without the right tools to correctly sort the useful from the useless.

Precision Agriculture

Crop Health (NDVI),
Weed Detection, Plant Counting,
Plant Disease Detection

Quality Control

Flaw and defects detection,
Thermal Analysis, 3d Mapping,
Aircraft pieces or rails


Optical character recognition,
Handwritten and dactylography,
Old scan

Custom solutions

Prototype Developments,
Consulting and Advisory Services,
Toll Manufacturing

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Since 2015, M-CADOR is hosted by Wemanity in the center of Paris. We work along with great startups in an innovative environement.